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And it has to be compatible with Snow Leopard More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Happy gaming! Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I was wondering if there were any games in particular people would suggest. Age of Empires, Need for Speed, Starcraft, etc. I don't know what to get. I can't get them all. Go, go, go!!! One I've heard a lot of good things about and have been meaning to try is Half-Life 2.

Not a new game, but I've never played it. I'm reluctant, because once I get a new game like this, I'm like a cocaine addict with a new dime-bag User profile for user: ericmeyers ericmeyers. Sort by. Survival Horror.

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View all tags. Add to collection. Dark Dread. Andy Grutter. Only In Darkness. Traverse through grungy hallways, whilst being stalked by a vicious enemy. Spalato Bros. From Flames. A Short, atmospheric thriller about exploring a church for supplies in a post-apocalyptic world.

Dark Nights. The Intruder. Beware of the guy that enters your house! Outer Clouds Games. The Good Time Garden. A short adventure in a hand drawn world full of strange friends.

Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

Coal Supper. Escape the Ayuwoki. You have to escape the mansion, but be careful with what lurks in the dark. Deadlycrow Games. Tree Team. Where do I start? I have seen many of my friends at college fall to this game. Each one of them laughed at the first casualty of this incredible game who was berated for playing such a thing. Eventually the best of us were destroyed by this insanely deep I cannot stress this enough and awesome game. You choose a starting location to build your settlement which determines the resources and challenges one may encounter on a given map.

As your empire expands you will be faced with many new challenges. While the learning curve is very steep, it is well worth it. StepMania is a fast paced game where your first three fingers is all you will be using. You press the arrow keys in sync with the arrows moving on the screen that correspond to the song currently playing. It has the same gameplay of Dance Dance Revolution. There are various races in Wesnoth each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, the outcome of a match will be decided on how well you exploit the pros and cons of each race.

On top of this, leveling your units becomes important as they gain new abilities and become stronger. If you have played on all the maps more times than you have pooped, then you can always create custom maps, units and scenarios for you or your friends to play on. Good times will be had by all. For those that like killing aliens, then play this turn-based game. I will stick to Grand Theft Auto.

Open source Developer: Freeciv Developers.

Best Mac games of 12222

In Freeciv, your job is to advance your civilisation to the space age starting from the humble beginnings of a tribe. You will need to bring a bag of tactics to beat destroy your opponents and stay on top of them in terms of advancement. Open source Developer: Gavin Camp. Scorched Earth 3D is based on the classic game Scorched Earth, which was released a year after Tank Wars which is essentially the same game. It keeps the physics, weapons and economic system the same as the original, and as a result, it can be considered an accurate remake of the original.

For those that want to keep it 2D, there are various other variants of scorched earth, all of which are just as fun. A personal favourite of mine is Pocket Tanks. While it is shareware, the free version is VERY good, with huge collection of 30 weapons available! You can also find a list of these tank games in the Wikipedia article for Scorched Earth. Bos Wars is a hybrid real-time strategy game set in the future where larger control of the map grants more economic bonuses.

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There are two resources that can be collected and all players have the same buildings with no upgrades. This means that the game is perfectly balanced and allows you to focus more on battle strategy. Bos Wars also has a silly name. They call it a Tron clone in 3D. There are also various modes to keep it extra fresh.

Playing Plasma Pong was Pretty Phenomenal. Simply moving the paddle causes plasma to flow around the screen which looks kick-ass. The only thing with the game was that it is sometimes difficult to predict the movements of the ball. When you want to have a little bit of fun with old vector graphics, open up Bitfighter and start shooting some spaceships.

This is a pretty simple game where you control a ship and shoot down your enemies using a few weapons and powerups you have at your command. You cant play against AI so your only option is to go online or go up against your friends. Open source Developer: Anonymous. Mac Bomber is a variation on Bomberman where every player is a cute little Mac computer.

There are various items that either help or hinder you. You kill enemy tanks using weapons and powerups that are obtained by collecting flags placed around the map. The terrain and weather can change as well, and this will have an impact on the gameplay. Servers in BZFlag have the time of day in game synced to the real time, so your tank fights will occur in the dark if you are playing at night time. Looking for a first-person space trading and combat simulator?

Then stop scrolling, this is one right here. This game is for those that are more spatially and trading inclined than the rest of us. This is quite a deep game with many ships and upgrades that are purchasable with ones money gained via a wide array of mission types. A very fun game to get into. Freeware Developer: OpenLieroX dev team. A worms game based on Liero and Worms… OpenLieroX is real-time as opposed to turn-based like Worms so quicker thinking is needed.

I guess you could say that quick thinking worms fans would like this.

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I was initially sceptical of Plants vs Zombies, but after hearing that my boss plays it like a nutter, I decided to try it.