Sudo pip command not found on mac

There are many basic packages installed. Ask Question. How do I install it?

Peter Mortensen The System The System 8, 3 8 3. No additional answers can be added here Read more about locked posts here. Scott Tesler Scott Tesler Does this just mean that pip uses my python2 installation? An extra warning: Got error notsoeasy Download error on pypi.

Python 'pip' command not found · Issue # · Homebrew/homebrew-core · GitHub

No local packages or download links found for pip error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement. This worked for me instead. All you have to do is: I made a gif, coz. Let me know if you have any problems installing pip this way. First of all download the get-pip file curl https: Another gif you said?

Here ya go! Ahmad Awais Ahmad Awais How did you create the GIF? That's super cool! Out of curiosity, what are you using for your autocomplete suggestions?

It's the zsh-autosuggestions thingy github. Off topic: You can install it through Homebrew on OS X. Why would you install Python with Homebrew? Pete 6, 6 40 Leigh Leigh 8, 3 21 I deleted the folder and reinstalled it and now it runs. Note that if you use homebrew, then you end up using your own python, not the system one. This is the road to hell if you want to use wxpython I like this solution as "sudo" is not required. Let's not stuff around with the system's python. My system could not locate easy-install, so the other solutions did not work.

MattSephton the reason -H is necessary when using pip as far as I understand is to ensure the right user owns the cache directory.

Please follow the general troubleshooting steps first:

This helps if you have multiple versions of python, and need a specific one to get pip. Best solution, worked like charm on MacOS. On Mac: For example pip install regex This is only an example for installing other modules. Pavan Pavan 1, 2 12 Above solutions all yielded DistributionNotFound exceptions.

This worked perfectly. Downvoting for piping curl directly into an interpreter Also, I think there are better answers for this question. Open a terminal and type: Shirkrin 3, 1 21 This one line fixed pip on my Mac when all I got before was some kind of DistributionNotFound exception trying to install something via pip. Mac OS X Is pip depended on python version? I installed python3, but this command seems to be using python2. Basically, this consists in: Be sure to do this by following a trusted link since you will have to run the script as root.

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Florent Bruneau Florent Bruneau 8 6. Wesley How did you get that second installation?

If you are using a python version manager there should be an option to set the python version you want and then you should be able to install pip for that specific version via the method above. I does not install the pip command, see github. It is unsecure, because you run get-pip. More on this: It looks like the linked page has moved to pip. Be cautious if you're using a Python install that's managed by your operating system or another package manager. That warning is confusing to me because using the git-pip.

Mac comes with python 2 , but not with pip.

QuickTip: How Do I Install pip on macOS or OS X?

Requirements homebrew Steps: Python 3 If you install python 3 , pip will be installed automatically. You can use a project folder or any folder: This may be an option to go with if you want to use a newer version of Python since Macs default install of Python is 2. You would do this by changing step 2 above to python3 instead of python.

To install Python using HomeBrew: You might want to upgrade it by typing: Other Notes Formerly, I've used get-pip. Happy hacking!

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This page from Homebrew docs explains which version each command points to: Flimzy Adam Liu Adam Liu 8 You should install Brew first: But - you have not installed pip in the system python in this case, rather you have installed a new python and pip along with it. Then you will be into all sorts of strife trying to use wxpython I think the link should now be raw. So to install Python 3, run the following command: How can I investigate further?

What do I need to check to get a better idea of the exact cause of the problem? I also tried installing Python 2. After installing is running 'python' still ran Python 2. I have to admit to being absolutely new to python, which I only need for one thing: I encountered this problem having downloaded python 3. I've made an alias on my machine to run python3 whilst typing python, which would normally run the system version 2. I'm not sure this is a good idea now. I think I'll just type in the commands as they intended them to be.

Install Python latest version as given here. For Python install packages check this. Requirements for Installing Packages This section describes the steps to follow before installing other Python packages. Securely Download get-pip. Run python get-pip. It turned out my virtual machine did not have pip installed yet. It's conceivable that other people could have this scenario too. If you get a version number e. Visit the Python site for instructions.