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Demystifying the assessment of damages for personal injury claims An upgrade in free trade - China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement Upgrade Protocol comes into force. Police were stationed outside mosques on Sunday evening. A lot of Muslim residents have fled their homes. Extremist Buddhist mobs with Buddhist monks armed with sticks and lethal weapons are prowling the streets and hunting the Muslims.

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Shafi Ul Alam, an imam at the Maw Thanu Ya site, an unofficial camp that has been home to more than 1, Rohingya internally displaced persons IDPs since October, says residents have received no food or shelter from the government or NGOs. Government numbers indicate there are over , internally displaced persons IDPs in Rakhine living in almost 90 camps. But it is unclear how many IDPs are actually unregistered, aid workers say.

The government gave permission for the displaced to seek refuge in buffered safe zones, but it has restricted the number of such sites it will sanction, leaving many Muslim IDPs with unofficial status, aid workers say. The designation comes with severe consequences: unregistered IDPs receive little to none of the government or international assistance that is delivered to official camps. IDPs are restricted from travelling to work in nearby towns. They are also without supplies or space for farming.

Unlike in official camps, where residents are supplied with waterproof tents, residents of Maw Thanu Ya sleep in tiny huts constructed of thatched straw.

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These poor conditions are taking an evident toll. International aid groups have reported high cases of respiratory and skin infections, worms and diarrhoea, as well as "alarming" rates of malnourished children in camps they have visited. Many infants in Maw Thanu Yaw have distended bellies as well as sores and rashes on their skin. Aid workers say the prevalence of these health problems among the unregistered displaced, whom they are largely prohibited from visiting, is likely considerably higher. Muslims represent about four percent of Myanmar-s population.


The flare-up of violence is the biggest conflict since Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims clashed in Arakan Rakhine state last year, leaving at least people dead and more than , homeless, with many fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh. The latest bloodshed shows that violence against Muslims has spread from Rakhine to the other parts of Myanmar. About one third of the population is comprised of ethnic minorities that practise Chistianity or animism, and most have waged wars against the government to get autonomy. Tindakan ini akan dilakukan sekiranya perdana menteri tidak memgumumkan pembubaran parlimen sebelum tarikh tersebut.

Menurut Khalid, manakala negeri-negeri pakatan lain akan dibawa berbincang untuk mencapai kata sepakat berhubung tarikh bersama pembubaran Dun.

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Khalid merangkap ADUN Ijok menambah lagi, penetapan tarikh tersebut untuk memberi tekanan kepada perdana menteri untuk membubarkan parlimen. Penetapan tarikh pembubaran Dun tersebut juga bagi membolehkan SPR membuat keputusan supaya diadakan pilihanraya serentak. Sebelum ini SPR menjanjikan tidak akan mengadakan pilihanraya berasingan bagi mengelak penggunaan wang rakyat yang banyak.

Parlimen dijangka bubar pada Rabu, kajian IDE

Selangor akan tamat tempoh matang Dunnya pada 22 April ini. Editor : Khaulah Azwar. How reliable is the western military intelligent? Their intelligent was indeed based on made up story!! The lies of two Iraqi spies were central to the claim - at the heart of the UK and US decision to go to war in Iraq - that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

But even before the fighting started, intelligence from highly-placed sources was available suggesting he did not, Panorama has learned. That same day, 24 September , the government published its controversial dossier on the former Iraqi leader's WMD. The BBC has learned that two key pieces of intelligence, which could have prevented the Iraq war, were either dismissed or used selectively. Designed for public consumption, it had a personal foreword by Mr Blair, who assured readers Saddam Hussein had continued to produce WMD "beyond doubt".

But, while it was never mentioned in the dossier, there was doubt.

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The original intelligence from MI6 and other agencies, on which the dossier was based, was clearly qualified. The intelligence was, as the Joint Intelligence Committee noted in its original assessments, "sporadic and patchy" and "remains limited". The exclusion of these qualifications gave the dossier a certainty that was never warranted. Sorry, but Javascript is not enabled in your browser! Results - of 5 10 15 20 25 30 Investigations revealed the suspects were three males in their Please click here for the map a Nowadays there is a chance that something big might happen, both at White Hart Lane and on Jal an Parlimen.

It is unlikely, but there is a chance. To irritate you further with the footbal Pilihan raya serentak diamalkan bagi menjimatkan kos dan masa semua yang terlib Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa agar pilihan raya ini akan ber jal an dengan lancar, aman dan selamat. Saya ingi The Pakatan leadership council will hold a meeting on elections preparations today at th Di samping itu, Op Daulat masih di jal ankan di timur Sabah dan Badan Peguam wajar memastikan bahawa dalam melindungi kedaulatan nega Pilihan raya sewaktu darurat?

Juga menurut Perlembagaan, selepas Parlimen dibubarkan, pilihan raya umum harus di jal ankan dalam tempoh 60 hari selepas pembubaran Parlimen.

Mengikut kira-kira penganalisis politi Aznie Ibrahim 6. Mohd Izhan Bin Razali 7. Rizal Hashim 8. Zaharman Bin Zainal Abidin 9.